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World Food Innovation Awards: Best Snacking Innovation Class WINNER!

Yesterday, we received the amazing news that ROAR Protein Desserts was announced as the WINNER of the Best Snacking Innovation class at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards. We couldn’t be more delighted with such an incredible achievement. We know our high protein desserts are awesome, but hearing that world class judges agree with us is a real confidence boost. Here’s the lowdown on the awards themselves and why it’s a big win for our little company.

Trio of ROAR high protein desserts, winner of the Best Snacking Innovation class at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards.
Trio of ROAR high protein desserts, winner of the Best Snacking Innovation class at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards.

About the World Food Innovation Awards

Every year, the World Food Innovation Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the food industry. They are open to entrants worldwide in association with the International Food and Drink Event (IFE). This is the longest running award scheme in the industry. Shortlisted brands can expect to gain global recognition. So, winning such a prestigious category as the Best Snacking Innovation Class is huge.

The World Food Innovation awards took place last night at the Excel in London. The judging panel considered entries from 21 countries worldwide. Each of the 28 categories in the awards shines a well-deserved spotlight on some incredible brands. Here’s what FoodBev Media reporter Emma Upshall had to say about the event:

“After witnessing another year of exciting product launches, we are delighted to celebrate the sixth year of the annual World Food Innovation Awards at HRC (London ExCel). Brands are continuing to keep up with the latest trends and we have been fascinated by the quality and creativity of our entrants. We have seen new flavour combinations, smart packaging designs, and revolutionary technology, many representing the rise of the health-conscious consumer and a more sustainable food industry.

“The World Food Innovation Awards celebrates some of the most ambitious new products and developments of the year across both established brands and start-ups. We can’t wait to share a fine representation of what we believe the future holds for food innovation.”

Emma Upshall (FoodBev Media)
World Food Innovation Awards 2020 logo
World Food Innovation Awards logo

What the World Food Innovation Awards are looking for in a winner

Each year, entrants to the World Food Innovation Awards must comply with strict criteria. Products must be new, having been launched, created or rebranded after a specified date. Whilst they don’t need to be in the market at the time of entry, they will need to be at the prototype and packaging stage by the closing date. Companies can enter the same products in multiple categories.  

World Food Innovation Awards judges look for products that are fit for purpose and market. Brands must be able to justify any claims they make. They should clearly communicate all benefits whether that be health, functionality, nutrition, refreshment or fun. Each product must be unique due to ingredients, packaging, sustainability, ethical behaviour or clean label.  

Judges look for measurable, innovative advantages for consumers and/or manufacturers, added value and market impact. Packaging designs should improve consumer convenience and usability and reduce waste. Original design and brand differentiation, new occasion opportunities for consumption and effective communication of benefits are all celebrated.  

Improved manufacturing processes, sustainability and original marketing campaigns are equally sought after.  The process is fully transparent. Details of what the judges look for is clearly stated by FoodBev media on their website.  

ROAR protein desserts World Food Innovation Awards Winner
ROAR protein desserts World Food Innovation Awards Winner

Best Snacking Innovation Winner

The Snacking Innovation category of the awards is a sought after prize. Of course, we were up against some tough competition. We know that ROAR protein desserts are an innovative product with nothing else like them on the market. Every pot contains an average of 20.6 grams of protein and just 245 calories. Our desserts are ideal for consuming after exercise. They are high protein and low in both sugar and saturated fats. Better still, the three stunning flavours combine a cheesecake-like texture with gooey sauces so delicious that they’re the ultimate snacking treat. Despite our confidence, being shortlisted for an award like this was mind-blowing.

The finalists were Bestore Bear Shaped Biscuits With Cashew, Outstanding Foods PigOut Pigless Pork Rinds and Zeno Functional Foods SOBAR. The SOBAR is a fascinating innovation that inhibits the absorption of alcohol, helping people to drink more responsibly. In fact, the SOBAR won a World Food Innovation Award this year as well. It took the title for the Best Health or Wellness Food category. With competition like that, being named the Best Snacking Innovation is a huge achievement. We would like to extend our congratulations to all the other fantastic finalists.

Male runner in a field with a dog on a lead running beside him
Fuelling well is important for regular runners

The future for ROAR following our award success

Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with our win. We are confident this award places us in a very strong position as we prepare for the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham in May. Following this, it’s off to the FitXpo2020 in Liverpool in September. Much like the judges, consumers are loving our products. ROAR protein reviews are coming in thick and fast with everybody raving about these protein packed desserts.

The future is going to be a ROARing success. Bring it on!

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