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White chocolate and raspberry blondies: A roundup

ROAR high protein white chocolate and raspberry blondies

Next up in our desserts for athletes series is the totally delicious raspberry blondie. We’re going to explore the options when nothing but white chocolate and raspberry blondies will do. There are lots of fab recipes available, some healthier than others. And of course, if you’re looking for high protein raspberry blondies to buy, we’ve got you covered. We take a look at why this flavour combination is such a winner. Plus links to a selection of white chocolate and raspberry blondie recipes.

Why are white chocolate and raspberry blondies SO good?

It is one of life’s unanswered questions. Why do white chocolate and raspberries go so well together? You’ll have to forgive us for speculating because there’s no science behind this, but in our opinion it’s because opposites attract. The sharp, tangy raspberries cut through the rich, sweetness of the white chocolate. It feels indulgent, naughty and filling. And yet there’s fruit in it, and we all need more fruit in our lives.

With a combination like that, it’s no wonder that there are so many recipes for white chocolate and raspberry blondies. Or, that they are such a staple on restaurant menus. What is somewhat surprising is that finding white chocolate and raspberry blondies to buy is a little more difficult. They’re not something you can just grab off the shelves in the supermarket. Believe us, we’ve tried. So, if you don’t fancy getting your bake on, check out these white chocolate and raspberry blondies to buy.

Three pots of raspberry and white chocolate blondie stacked on top of each other behind a white board with one pot of the same emptied out onto the board and raspberries, white chocolate and raspberry coulis beside

White chocolate and raspberry blondies to buy

ROAR white chocolate and raspberry blondies are high in protein, low in sugar and saturated fats and contain an average of just 245 calories. Each one comes in its own individual airtight container that you can keep in the fridge or freezer or store at room temperature for a day. So, not only are they a healthier option, you can grab one and eat it within minutes. If you’ve got a craving for white chocolate and raspberry blondies right now, this is what you need.

Dig your spoon in to scoop out white chocolate flavoured whey protein isolate. This has been combined with oats to produce a cheesecake texture for the ultimate indulgence. Also contained in your pot is sharp, lively raspberry purée. Mix them up before you start eating or scoop some purée with each mouthful. This guilt-free treat is available to buy as a pack of three on our website. Or, why not try a combination trio? It’s always wise to try all the flavours before you make up your mind which is your favourite. This dynamic trio contains Double ChocolateJaffa Break and of course Raspberry Blondie.

Trio of ROAR raspberry blondie pots standing side by side against white background
Trio of ROAR high protein white chocolate and raspberry blondies

Recipes we love

As you can imagine with the lack of blondies in the shops, there are quite a lot of recipes out there. So, we’ve rounded up some of the best. These recipes definitely don’t pretend to be the healthy option, but they’re big on taste.

  • Sweetest Menu: Using brown sugar for a fudge like, caramel flavour, these blondies contain plenty of sugar and vanilla extract. You can make them with either frozen or fresh raspberries to end up with blondies that are a serious rival to chocolate brownies. This is a one-bowl recipe with no mixer required.
  • Olive Magazine: Relying on melted butter cooked up until it’s golden and biscuity, this recipe is a bit more complex with the raspberries and half of the chocolate added at the final step before baking.
  • Tesco Food: The addition of almonds to this recipe gives it some extra texture and crunch. It contains both caster sugar and brown sugar which need creaming with the butter before adding to the recipe. An electric mixer of some sort is definitely needed.

Alternative white chocolate and raspberry blondies

These days, many of us cut various things out of our diets either by choice or necessity. Thankfully, that doesn’t need to mean missing out on delicious treats. Here’s a roundup of a few recipes to suit different dietary requirements.

  • The vegan option: Big Man’s World has produced a vegan friendly blondie recipe although you can use an egg if you wish. These are listed as raspberry cookie bars but the title refers to blondies. He even recommends a vegan white chocolate.
  • Gluten free: It’s over to Jamie Oliver for the gluten free option. This recipe can also be adapted to be vegan. It contains vegan chocolate and soya yoghurt as well as gluten free flour and baking powder.
  • High protein: For high protein desserts, look no further than ROAR. Our blondies contain 20.6 grams of protein on average. They are also vegetarian, using whey isolate from grass-fed cow’s milk as the protein source.
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