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ROAR Protein Review: What people are saying about our desserts

Pot of ROAR double chocolate held up by fingertips in left of shot with green area in front, dark green leafy tree on far left and blue sky

The concept of ROAR protein desserts is fairly simple. Our pots combine what you want to eat after a workout, with what you ought to eat. Healthy eating has never been so easy. Everyone who tries them agrees that the flavours are downright fabulous. Plus, the 20.6 grams of protein in the average pot AND the low saturated fat content combine to give you just what you need to fuel your body. But we do realise we’re biased. After all, we can’t see past the childlike delight we feel about a guilt-free dessert. So, we’ve recruited a few customers to put together a ROAR protein review. Find out what people are saying about our high protein desserts.

What you need to know about ROAR Protein Desserts

First of all, we have a confession. One of the reasons we’ve asked our customers to help with telling you about ROAR Protein Desserts is because we can’t decide what you need to know the most. You see, our desserts are ALL about the flavour. Each one has its own distinctive taste and the smooth sauce combines with whey protein to make a work of genius. The only thing is though, our desserts are actually ALL about the protein. Providing our customers with just the right amount of fuel to aid muscle recovery, thus giving them the edge when it comes to performance.

So what are ROAR desserts really all about? Flavour, or protein? It’s over to our customers to tell you that. We’ll just fill you in on the technical elements. A high protein dessert contributes to both growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Our whey isolate is derived from the milk of grass-fed cows so it’s free from genetic modification, hormones and antibiotics. ROAR protein desserts are low in sugar because we don’t add any at all to our recipe. Don’t worry though, there’s no need to compromise on flavour. Each of our pots is sweetened with the plant derived sweetener xylitol to add sweetness without adding calories. To keep the saturated fat levels down, we’ve used a carefully selected combination of vegetable oils.

Five ROAR high protein desserts stacked on top of each other with a double chocolate pot at the apex with chocolate chips on top

Roar Protein Review: What people are saying about our desserts

Here are a few quotes from our customers who just love our high protein desserts. We know you’re going to need a bit more detail to decide which is the best flavour, so read on to see what people think of each of our dessert pots. Needless to say it’s a tough decision.

“These were so good, the texture is just like cake batter and if you have a sweet tooth then you need to try them as these are all low sugar, high protein and full of flavour” TWINS on Instagram

“I met the Roar team at Cardiff HM and tried their delicious desserts. I’ve had 2 deliveries from them now and love the product. I freeze the pots and either eat the dessert straight from the freezer or sometimes – if I remember – put it in the fridge before I go out for a long run. They are fabulous. The service from ordering to delivery is seamless and i think it’s lovely that they really care that your experience is as good as it possibly can be – a real personal touch. Highly recommended.” Becky B (customer)

“Much more pleasant to eat than a regular protein bar and tastes fab. The ability to reseal and keep fresh is also a very good plus point.” Rick A (customer)

“I’ve been selected to represent Team GB as an Age-Group athlete for the 2020 Sprint Duathlon World Championships – so I’m pretty serious about what I fuel my body with. I’m always looking for something to meet my hunger cravings whilst meeting my very specific dietary requirements when I’m training. The ‘lil pots of ROAR Protein Dessert definitely do the trick as a quick and tasty go to whether it’s at breakfast, lunch or dinner.
So moreish these are #NotForSharing.” Adam Z (customer)

“Awesome product! Taste is a real treat with the added protein gains!” Curt Robert (customer)

Double Chocolate ROAR Protein Dessert

“I have received my order and already had the delight of eating my first ever ROAR dessert! Double chocolate! And what a treat it was! Absolutely worth waiting for.” Andrea G (customer)

ROAR Raspberry Blondie

“This one has got the coulis bits at the bottom. so flavoursome, really, really nice.” Morag – @mogzee_m on Instagram

“This was bloody nice.” Jade – @jadelovesfood92 on Instagram

“My favourite was the raspberry blondie, you can really taste the freshness of the raspberries.” Danni Louise @dannisfoodreviews on Instagram

Jaffa Break

“The jaffa and the chocolate is just so yummy. So it’s like a chocolate dessert and then you’ve got the jaffa bit. Just. Mmmm.” Morag – @mogzee_m on Instagram

“Just finished Cheltenham 1/2 Marathon this morning and had a pot of Roar “Jaffa Break” – yummmy! Just what i needed as a protein boost after all that running.”Rebecca Barclay (customer)

ROAR Protein Review: Don’t take our word for it, give them a try

As you can see, our customers love ROAR Protein Desserts and everyone has their own favourite flavour. Our delicious pots of protein are available to buy in pots of three of a single flavour. Alternatively, try out a combination trio to see which you prefer. Our pots are just as easy to use as protein bars and much easier than protein powder. Don’t worry about storage either. They keep in the fridge for 14 days or you can freeze them for up to 3 months. They keep fine at room temperature for a day too so they’re ideal for your gym bag, picnic or putting into a rucksack as a snack on a long hike. Don’t forget when one pot of three isn’t enough , you can save money when you subscribe for your ROAR fix to be delivered weekly or monthly.

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