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High protein desserts: How ROAR is revolutionising protein snacks

Trio of Roar protein desserts displayed against a grey background stacked on top of their box which is black with ROAR in orange writing with an orange lion head beside the logo

High protein desserts by ROAR are the latest innovation to hit the fitness market. It has long been accepted that consuming protein after exercise helps muscles to heal. This prevents the loss of lean mass leading to more effective training, faster recovery and enhanced performance. For years now, athletes have been chasing that protein hit by mixing up powders and formulas. Protein bars were introduced to make post-exercise protein snacks a little easier to grab. But they’re hardly appetising after a workout. We don’t know about you but when we’ve worked up an appetite, there’s nothing we love more than the excuse to grab a pudding.

High protein desserts are the ideal post-workout protein snacks

We’d love to tell you that after burning all those calories during a workout, you’re within your rights to pick up whatever calorie-laden pudding you fancy. Sadly though, that won’t benefit your muscles. Your body won’t thank you for all that sugar and whilst it might hit the spot when it comes to filling up, there’s no real fuel for your body. We’re not willing to accept that though. When you’ve worked out, you deserve something tasty AND your body needs protein as a recovery fuel. So why not combine the two? That’s why we developed ROAR high protein desserts. Here’s how it works.

With the aid of multi award winning chef Paul Brennan, we’ve developed ROAR high protein desserts to combine great protein results and incredible flavours. Every pot of ROAR is packed full of high quality whey protein. Our whey isolate from grass-fed cow’s milk is free from genetic modification, antibiotics and hormones. Every flavour is suitable for vegetarians. We don’t add any sugar, instead sweetening ROAR high protein pudding with xylitol which is derived from plants. This allows us to sweeten the recipe without adding calories. Better still, they are low in saturated fats due to our use of vegetable oils instead of butter.

Though our recipes are packed full of benefits, they are even more packed full of flavour. The sauce in each pot is a total taste sensation. Choose between the Double Chocolate high protein dessert with its hit of rich chocolate sauce, a Jaffa Break pot containing mandarin puree, or sweet raspberry coulis in the Raspberry Blondie. Each ROAR pot contains an average of 20.6 grams of protein and 245 calories in a neat 100 gram serving pot. High protein meals and snacks make you feel fuller for longer too, and reduce food cravings and the tendency to overeat. So could ROAR be the first pudding that might actually help with weight loss?

Trio of Roar protein desserts, high protein snacks displayed on a mottled grey background with a spoonful of each beside on their spoons

ROAR high protein snacks for an active lifestyle

All our protein rich puddings score top marks on beneficial properties and flavour. But what about convenience? How do they stack up to protein powder, protein bars or peanut butter? Well that’s another well kept secret. ROAR high protein desserts are as convenient as they come. Serious athletes, weekend sports people and sporty families are all turning to ROAR protein desserts to fuel an active lifestyle because they take no preparation at all.

When our pots arrive with you, they can be stored in the fridge or freezer. But when you’re out and about, it’s safe to store them all day at room temperature. Simply chuck a pot in your gym bag, saddlebag or picnic and eat them straight after your workout. Run, cycle or swim with your ROAR high protein dessert (we’d recommend a tow float so they don’t float away). Then take them out and eat them on the go, straight from the pot.

We know we’re a little biased about how flipping awesome our delicious protein puddings are, so you don’t have to take our word for it. ROAR protein desserts won the Best Snacking Innovation category at the 2020 World Food Innovation wards. The awards in association with FoodBev Media saw the judging panel considering entries from over 21 countries. But we weren’t surprised that ROAR came out on top.

Swimmer in red swimming hat in a river swimming head up front crawl towards three pots of ROAR protein dessert high protein snacks that are resting on a rock beside the river

How to buy ROAR protein rich puddings

Once you love our ROAR high protein puddings, we know you’re going to want them delivered regularly. Our team are never without a pot on hand for after exercise. So, we offer the option of a weekly or monthly subscription, both with a discount on the regular RRP of ROAR to save a bit of money each time you buy. That said, if you haven’t tried a ROAR high protein dessert yet, we know you’ll want to find your favourite flavour and check they’re right for you before you subscribe.

We sell each flavour as a pack of three, or you can buy a combination trio of protein snacks. As a starter pack, we would recommend buying the combination trio. It’s difficult to know whether your favourite will be the healthy raspberries cutting through the rich protein of the Raspberry Blondie, or whether the chocolate chip bonus on top of the Double Chocolate pot will tip you over the edge. Not forgetting the health and taste kick of our moreish Jaffa Break. There’s no debate here over whether it’s a cake, a cookie or a biscuit. Our Jaffa Breaks are all pudding.

How else can I up my protein intake?

If you take part in weight lifting or endurance sports, you’ve probably found ROAR high protein desserts as part of an overall effort to increase your protein intake through healthy eating. There are some great resources and recipes out there to help with building protein without compromising on taste or other nutrients. BBC Good Food have produced a useful article on how to eat more protein. They recommend most of us consume 0.8g to 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight per day. This increases to 1.4 to 2g for strength athletes and 1.2 to 1.6g for endurance athletes. They further recommend consuming a 15 to 25 gram portion of protein within half an hour after exercising. The 20.6g in a ROAR protein dessert is ideal.

To increase protein in other meals, eggs, dairy, fish and seafood are great options, as are chicken and turkey. If you are vegetarian, soya protein can add variety including tofu and soya based meat substitutes. Other sources include nuts, seeds, beans and pulses. So, you can get plenty of variety whilst maintaining a high protein diet.

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