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Protein Pots: Fuel on the go

chocolate, jaffa and raspberry protein pots rest on a blue table tennis table with bats, ball and net beside

Protein is an important part of everybody’s diet. But if you are involved in sport or exercise, getting enough protein becomes even more important. For many of us with busy lives, eating well and exercising don’t necessarily go hand in hand. If you head out for a run at lunchtime, the chances are you won’t have time to prepare a balanced meal. So instead of grabbing a soggy vending machine sandwich, why not consider protein pots for fuel on the go?

Types of protein pot

Not all protein pots were created equal. Some of us will remember the school or work canteen protein pot. Usually a small plastic pot containing sliced chicken, tuna, grated cheese or an egg. These can make a good addition to a meal but there’s no guarantee you’re getting a full serving of protein. Plus, a small pot of lean protein on the side of a healthy salad will have very different benefits to a great lump of grated cheese served with a large portion of fried carbs.

Another option if you’re unable to make your own protein pot at home is the supermarket version. Both Asda and Tesco sell protein pots. The Tesco ones are available as part of a meal deal. and come in a few varieties including egg and spinach. Asda’s are largely based around chicken either plain or with various flavourings. They do also offer a protein porridge.

If you’d prefer to create something yourself, BBC Good Food have a few recipe suggestions. All these options are sounding a bit too savoury though aren’t they? So, it’s time to introduce ROAR protein pots. The innovative protein source that doubles up as a dessert.

three ROAR protein pots rest beside a river with a swimmer in a red hat swimming towards them

ROAR protein pots

When we created ROAR protein pots, we were very focussed on the nutrition. They had to be high in protein, low in sugar and low on saturated fats. But we don’t mind admitting, we have a weakness. The ROAR team can’t say not to a pudding and we knew that our protein pots absolutely had to be big on flavour – and satisfy our sweet tooth. So, we created a delicious, high protein dessert that satisfied both our nutritional requirements and our weakness for pudding. And we put it in a convenient pot that’s perfect for eating on the go.

Next time you miss lunch to go for a run, we’ve got your back. Grab one of our ROAR protein desserts, available in three fabulous flavours. Look out for the tangy orange sauce in Jaffa Break, the kick of raspberry coulis in our Raspberry Blondie or go for full chocolatey indulgence with Double Chocolate. If you’re time poor, you’ll be pleased to know that our desserts are designed to be eaten straight from the pot and they’re so delicious they’ll be gone in seconds. Store our pots in the freezer or fridge until you need them. They’re safe to store at room temperature all day too so they’ll be ready and waiting when you need them.

Despite being so delicious and quick to consume, ROAR protein pots have impressive credentials when it comes to nutrients. Each pot boasts an average of 20.6 grams of protein and only 245 calories. They’re totally vegetarian too, containing high quality whey protein.

Why do active people need more protein?

In the NHS eat well guide, they emphasise the importance of protein consumption in a healthy diet. If you are regularly physically active, your body will need to take on board more protein. Runner’s World offer some great advice to runners that also applies to anyone who is physically active. As we know, protein is important for building new muscle fibres to increase strength as we exercise. Additionally though, it contributes to building mitochondria. These little ovens inside the cells burn fuel while we exercise. The more we exert ourselves, the more mitochondria we’ll require to efficiently fuel our activity.

Other benefits of high protein consumption include losing weight more easily and staying fuller for longer. We think you’ll agree that ROAR protein pots are satisfyingly filling. Their sweetness and cheesecake like consistency quickly fill you up, avoiding that post-exercise tendency to walk to the kitchen and stare into the fridge repeatedly for hours after a workout.

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