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High protein desserts to buy: Things to look out for

ROAR protein bars to buy - three flavours of pots displayed on a yellow background

We all love a pudding and here at ROAR, we are fully aware that there are loads of high protein desserts to buy. So, where do you start when it comes to finding your favourite? We’ll talk you through what to look for in a protein dessert. We also have the lowdown on the taste, nutrient content, calories and sugar in our outstanding protein dessert available in three different flavours.

Why are high protein treats becoming so popular?

Getting enough protein in our diets is important for everyone. For sports people or active families, that protein becomes even more necessary. Each time we exercise, our muscles need protein to fuel, recover and become stronger. For years, athletes have turned to protein bars and powders for that quick fix. But who wants to waste 100 calories on a gritty shake when you can save them up for pudding? And let’s face it, when you finish exercising it’s dessert you want to consume, not a dodgy tasting drink.

So, high protein treats came about as a bit of a compromise. Manufacturers tried to replicate the flavour of a pudding in healthy protein brownies, bars, cookies or peanut butter cups. The problem was, the flavour and texture of a dessert was difficult to replicate using high protein ingredients. A vanilla flavoured protein bar just didn’t pack the same taste punch as an ice cream. Low calorie efforts couldn’t replicate the satisfaction of standard dessert recipes.

So when ROAR entered the market, it was time to stop compromising. You only need to check out the ROAR customer reviews to see that you can have protein, texture and flavour without overloading on calories or unhealthy fats.

What to look for in high protein desserts to buy

Not all high protein desserts are created equal. The first thing to check out is whether the product you are buying really counts as high protein. Every ROAR pot contains an average of 20.6 grams of protein. This is an ideal amount to consume after exercise. That comes packaged in a pot containing only 245 calories. Compare that with a Primal Pantry bar containing only 5.3 grams of protein and yet adding 197 calories to your daily intake. You would have to eat very nearly four bars to get the same protein hit as a ROAR protein dessert pot, which would add over 750 calories to your daily intake.

The other question of course is whether the product you’re looking at can really be classed as a dessert. Our double chocolate protein dessert scored a staggering 10/10 for both taste AND texture in a review by the Protein Reviews Instagram account. This account highlights the vast array of protein treats out there. Some such as pancakes and cookies could loosely be described as a dessert. But if you’re looking for something rich, creamy and chocolatey with a stunningly gooey sauce oozing into it, only a ROAR pot will hit the spot.

Whilst protein content and flavour are obviously going to take priority, it’s important to look into other properties of your post-workout snack. For example, ROAR pots are low in both sugar and saturated fats. Achieving this without compromising on flavour, texture and protein content isn’t easy. If you’re vegetarian, you’ll want to check out the protein source your treat uses too. ROAR pots are suitable for vegetarians, deriving protein from healthy, grass-fed cow’s milk.

ROAR protein pots exhibition stand at the end of a half marathon offering high protein desserts to  buy

High protein dessert options

Now you know what to look out for, it’s time to consider the options. Firstly, whilst this post is about high protein desserts to buy, we do need to take a moment to mention dessert recipes. Many athletes prefer to make their own post-workout snacks. Popular ingredients include Greek yoghurt, almond milk, peanut butter, vanilla essence, dates and protein powders. The problem is unless you are a nutritionist and a maths whizz, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to fully calculate the benefits versus drawbacks of each recipe. For example, would your snack have all the protein you need? How much sugar is in your yoghurt and do your other ingredients contain saturated fats?

This is why many of us turn instead to pre-packaged protein desserts. Ingredients and nutrition lists have to be clearly listed so you know exactly what you are eating. Look out for high protein content, low saturated fats, low sugar and a natural sweetener instead. We use plant based xylitol to add sweetness without sugar. So, other brands might have a higher sugar content despite not tasting as sweet.

As a new brand in the protein market, the best place to buy ROAR is from our website. Other protein brands are available both in shops and to buy online. Whilst it doesn’t make great business sense for us, we nonetheless encourage our customers to check out other brands as well. After all if you’re looking for a protein shake or chocolate bar, ROAR desserts are not for you. Besides, we’re totally confident that after you’ve ploughed your way through a few cardboard flavoured snack bars and gritty shakes, you’ll be desperate to try our award wining, nutritious protein desserts that provide just the right amount of protein without compromising on texture or flavour.

Why ROAR high protein desserts to buy are a superior breed

You might be wondering why we’re so confident in our brand that we actively encourage you to try the competition. And the truth is, it’s because we’ve tried them too. We put everything to the test before developing ROAR. Powders, bars, flapjacks, chocolate chip cookies, pancakes, brownies, you name it, we tried it. Some of them aren’t bad. But we knew that with multi-award winning chef Paul Brennan on board, we could revolutionise the market. It was time for a product with the texture and flavour of a proper dessert. One that could be eaten straight from the jar with no mixing or stirring. You don’t need a microwave, a shaker or even a tap. The biggest problem is deciding between Jaffa BreakRaspberry Blondie or Double Chocolate.

Our protein pots can be stored in the fridge or freezer and they’re fine to stay at room temperature for a whole day until you’re ready to eat them. Ideal for after a workout, halfway through a hike or simply to perk up a picnic. With 20.6 grams of protein, low sugar, low saturated fat and just 245 calories, your body will thank you as much as your taste buds.

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