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ROAR – a snacking innovation WINNER

We are so excited and delighted to report that ROAR Protein Desserts was announced as the WINNER of the Best Snacking Innovation class at the 2020 World Food Innovation Awards yesterday. Here’s the FoodBev Media report:

Last night, the annual World Food Innovation Awards, in association with FoodBev Media, took place at HRC in London. The judging panel considered entries from over 21 countries in 28 categories.
FoodBev Media news reporter Emma Upshall said: “After witnessing another year of exciting product launches, we are delighted to celebrate the sixth year of the annual World Food Innovation Awards at HRC (London ExCel). Brands are continuing to keep up with the latest trends and we have been fascinated by the quality and creativity of our entrants. We have seen new flavour combinations, smart packaging designs, and revolutionary technology, many representing the rise of the health-conscious consumer and a more sustainable food industry.
“The World Food Innovation Awards celebrates some of the most ambitious new products and developments of the year across both established brands and start-ups. We can’t wait to share a fine representation of what we believe the future holds for food innovation.”

Needless to say we are extremely pleased with the result, and we are confident this award places us in a very strong position as we prepare for the BodyPower Expo in Birmingham in May, followed by FitXpo2020 in Liverpool (September).

2020 is, we believe, going to be a ROARing success. Bring it on!

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