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Low saturated fat desserts: No compromise required for a healthy treat

Trio of Roar low saturated fat protein desserts displayed on a mottled grey background with a spoonful of each beside on their spoons

Low saturated fat desserts get a bad press. They sound like a compromise, a pudding without the cream. Low fat, low sugar diet foods. Cardboard with sweeteners. Well, we’re here to tell you that this perception is all wrong. Low saturated fat desserts can be both delicious and healthy. Whether you’re here for low saturated fat dessert recipes, quick and easy creations or high protein, low saturated fat desserts to buy, we’ve got you covered. We’ll start by telling you a bit about our delicious ROAR high protein, low saturated fat, low sugar desserts. Then we’ll move on to look at some low fat fruit puddings, some chocolate based creations and other ideas we love.

Roar high protein low saturated fat desserts

If you’re looking for desserts to buy that are low in saturated fats, ROAR protein desserts tick all the boxes. When we created a high protein dessert that’s easy to grab and eat on the go, we weren’t willing to compromise on flavour, sugar or saturated fat. As you can see from the incredible reviews of ROAR desserts, all our varieties are jam packed full of flavour. Each one combines a creamy, cheesecake like texture made from whey protein, oats and molasses with a gooey, taste sensation of a sauce.

Don’t worry though, that flavour hit comes from high quality ingredients that are low in saturated fats. Our recipes all use a combination of vegetable oils to achieve the texture you look for in a dessert without the bad fats usually associated with it. In terms of sweeteners, we use xylitol, a low calorie plant derivative. ROAR does not contain any added sugar at all.

Check out the three ROAR flavours, there’s something for every taste. Chocolate lovers are going to fall in love with Double Chocolate ROAR Protein Dessert. A combination of chocolate pudding and rich chocolate sauce. If you’re not a chocoholic, there’s something for you too. Raspberry blondie is a combination of white chocolate cheesecake-like pudding and a lively raspberry puree. Last but not least, there’s Jaffa Break. All the best bits of a Jaffa cake combined in one little pot. Chocolate protein pudding with a tangy mandarin sauce.

Fruit based low saturated fat desserts

For a quick and easy dessert that is low in saturated fat and actively helps to lower cholesterol, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit. But fruit for pudding doesn’t have to be dull. A seasonal fruit salad is always popular, especially in the summer months when there’s an abundance of berries and soft fruit. For added indulgence, why not create a maple lime dressing or serve with fat free greek yoghurt? This fruit salad recipe combines maple syrup and lime juice for added zest. When you’re fed up of fruit salad, investing in a sorbet maker is a game changer. Whip up fruit sorbet with whatever fruit you have in the house. It tastes just as good as ice cream and each fruit combination offers something different. You’ll soon find your favourites.

Another simple fruit based favourite is barbecued banana with dark chocolate. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for summer barbecues though, we make a take on this all year round. Simply peal your bananas and slice them down the middle without cutting all the way through. Then put small pieces of dark chocolate all the way through the middle, put them on a baking tray and pop them in the oven for five to ten minutes, depending on how soft you want them.

Another take on this is to make a dark chocolate spread. Take a 200 gram bag of chopped hazelnuts and whizz them up in a nutribullet until they turn to nut butter. Meanwhile melt a 100 gram bar of good quality dark chocolate. Combine the nut butter and melted dark chocolate and mix. You’ll end up with plenty to spread along the centre of your barbecued bananas and loads to put in the fridge for another day.

Fruit salads in heart shaped bowls are easy to make, low saturated fat desserts

Chocolate based low saturated fat desserts

If cooked bananas don’t appeal to you, there are plenty of other options for chocolate based desserts that are low in saturated fats. Both double chocolate and Jaffa break ROAR desserts are chocolate based and quick and easy to grab for pudding. Chocolate brownies are a popular recipe reinvented with a healthy twist. BBC Good Food have a brownie recipe with reduced fat content although these are still high in sugar and do contain egg and buttermilk. Their magic ingredient is mayonnaise so if you don’t like the sound of mayo based brownies, there are other options too.

Heart UK, the cholesterol charity have a variety of recipes including a chocolate sponge. This one uses sweetener rather than sugar and turns to soya milk, soya yoghurt and soya cream to reduce saturated fats. Another popular way to reduce the amount of fats and sugar needed in a cake is to replace it with various types of fruit. This chocolate sponge recipe from BBC Food uses grated Braeburn apples.

Chocolate mousse is a tasty dessert that many people have tried to replace with a slightly healthier version. We’re rather fascinated by the trend for avocado chocolate mousse such as this one from healthy recipes. It looks quick and easy, popping the ingredients in a food processor until it’s smooth and creamy and leaving it to rest before serving. Hands up though, we haven’t actually tried it so do leave us a comment to let us know what you think if you give it a go!

Other ideas for sweet snacks and puddings

Peanut butter is a popular protein source but it’s one to be eaten in moderation. Peanuts do contain some saturated fat but there’s a lot more healthy fats in them than unhealthy. So, they’re fine in moderation. It’s important to pick a high quality brand that is just made from peanuts. This avoids all the other nasties that can go into nut butters. Something like Meridian is a good option, made with 100% nuts. These peanut butter cookies are delicious. They do contain a lot of sugar as well as peanut butter, an egg and a pinch of salt. But that’s it ingredients wise, so they make a nice change as a treat.

Our final low saturated fat dessert suggestion comes courtesy of Delia online. It’s a moist carrot cake recipe that is lower in fat than a regular carrot cake. Again, it’s worth bearing in mind that this contains plenty of sugar, so it can’t rightly class itself as healthy. As a treat though, it’s a lower fat option. And we all need to treat ourselves every now and then.

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