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We’ve done it!

Runner in a field with a dog on a lead running beside him

And we’re over the finishing line! Is it a winner? You can be a winner too

We’re so pleased to show you the new ROAR website – dedicated to our delicious ROAR Protein Desserts.

If you’re new to the ROAR website – Welcome! If you’ve purchased ROAR previously via our sister-company website, then Welcome Back – it’s great to see you again!

This website has been months in the making – designing the pages (please appreciate the curved corners on the boxes and buttons: there was much debate about those); calling in our extended-family to participate in product shoots (not forgetting Minnie the spaniel); designing product cartons to house the trio packs of ROAR Protein Dessert and writing and rewriting the website narrative. We have new content, new features and a new design. We’ll be writing regular blogs to keep you up to date with what’s happening at ROAR as well as articles on health and fitness topics. We hope you like what you see and can easily find the information you’re looking for. If you can’t, or you find a problem with the site, please let us know. We’d really appreciate your feedback.

We’re so full of pride for our ROAR Protein Desserts that we are celebrating the launch of the new website and ROAR Protein Dessert Trio Pack with a giveaway. Followers of ROAR must like us and comment, telling us where you devoured your pot of ROAR, using the #NowRoar hashtag and tag their bestie for a chance to win. One winner will be announced at the end of each week. The competition will run from the 2 December 2019 to 3 January 2020.

With Christmas near enough to touch, we are all oh-so-aware that the new year is following close behind. What have we got on our New Year’s Resolution list? Well, there’s the usual – find a new activity to try; get the kids out walking the dog more often; identify an event like a half marathon to train for, but at ROAR we’re also going to be gearing up for two important events of a slightly different nature in 2020:

  • BodyPower Experience at Birmingham’s NEC in May 2020. Heralded as ‘the definitive event for fitness, training and living a healthy lifestyle’; and then
  • Liverpool’s inaugural FitXpoUK – an ‘interactive celebration of all things fitness, health, nutrition and wellbeing’ (September 2020).

This is the next stage of our journey. We want to take ROAR out to anyone, any age, anywhere, who loves an active lifestyle. We’d love to add retail outlets, like supermarkets and health food shops, to our list of customers, home delivery meal services, gyms and leisure centres. We have the energy. We have the ambition. We have the product. ROAR – FUEL YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE.

Merry Christmas and stay with us in 2020 ?

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