Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Due to the nature of ROAR Protein Desserts we only offer NEXT DAY DELIVERY. This is to ensure your ROAR Protein Dessert order remains in optimal condition, retaining its high-quality flavour and consistency, and ready to pop into your fridge or freezer on delivery. Each trio carton contains 3 x 100g pots of ROAR Protein Dessert.

Delivery Costs

1 – 2 trio cartons of ROAR = £6.00

3 – 4 trio cartons = £7.00

5 – 6 trio cartons = £7.50

7+ cartons (or orders over £50.00) = FREE

Weekly Subscriptions (2 trio cartons) = £6.00

Monthly Subscriptions (8 trio cartons) = FREE

Shipping Method

We currently use national courier services – wherever we can achieve the lowest price for our customers. Due to the nature of ROAR Protein Desserts we can only offer NEXT DAY DELIVERY.

Shipping Rates

We are continually looking to lower our delivery costs. As we grow as a business, we will be able to establish better rates from our delivery agents which we will endeavour to pass onto you.
All shipping costs include VAT.


For all enquiries, please make sure you have the product and Batch Number (can be found on the bottom of the pot) to hand, as this will speed things up greatly.
If you are not satisfied with your product, if you think it’s faulty please contact us by phone first +44(0)1536 204484. A lot of problems are easily solved over the phone.

Damaged goods

If upon receipt of your goods you find they are damaged or incomplete, please notify our office immediately and retain the damaged packaging. We will then advise you on what to do.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are available here.